Michael Jones hat with icon.

Pulling up stakes and moving from Adelaide over 4 years ago, Michael brings a new and outward perspective with design and online marketing to the Limestone Coast.

Michael has a passion for all thing's digital/ technology based and likes to solve a puzzle. With an extensive background in web design and content management, Michael will be able to help your business establish itself amongst the online community.

Rural communities often don't get the exposure to a wider audience, despite being the best around. More often than not people traveling won't know how good something is unless they have seen it on the web or advertised through various mediums. Why not let others know who you are and what you do so well?

Perhaps your looking to advertise through television or radio? With a background in radio presenting and trained in video production, Michael is more than able to produce solutions for these mediums. 3D animation is not out of the question either, so if you have something you want presented in 3D, Michael is up to the task.

But if your more interested in a physical presence, Michael can help you with all print work such as posters, flyers, DVDs, digital displays, audio tracks, labelled stationary and apparel. Anything to do with design and you can be sure he will be there to help.

Do you have a problem with wiring up your media devices like computers, TV's, wireless devices, NBN services, software upgrades or even installation? That can be done too!

If your after a one stop shop for all your digital needs with a competitive price and an honest answer, contact Michael today.